Shortcode Services

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Shortcodes are the new boom in the telephonic marketing strategy. Shortcodes are the 5 or 6 digit numbers that companies use as their keyword to which the mobile users can send text messages, poll, vote, etc. despite their telecom service providers. In return, they can get the preferred answer in a matter of seconds. Shortcodes replace the lengthy telephone addresses and are much easier to remember. These are handy and are incorporated worldwide by the telecom operators for offering a flawless short code service experience to the users globally.
And, Data Park masters in offering shortcode services, we are expert in offering premium shortcode service in India for SMS polling and voting, Lead Capture, SMS survey, SMS Results, and many more fruitful applications to expand your business. When you wish to amplify leads for your business and products by gathering the sender’s mobile numbers, we can help. Just pick an appropriate keyword suiting your company and forthcoming patrons and send inquiries by sending SMS. Our shortcode services are beneficial for your business in many ways as you can use it for a distinct purpose like lead generation through flaunting SMS shortcode in your ad campaigns.
Customers can get Information-on-Demand by sending a text message to your selected shortcode. You can also integrate short code services with your present application through our API.
Whether you want to use our SMS short code or want to have one of your own, we can help. SMS Based Contest, voting, opinion poll, quiz, games, or trivia all are possible with Data Park. We endow our clients with absolute API integration of our short code service in a cost-effective manner.

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